T-Bar Ceilings

Acoustical T-Bar ceiling has a great variety and purposes, applications and designs. At J-Jr Drywall Corporation, we are always updating our sources, techniques and modern tools to provide a prime service and always keeping up with code changes.


Home Repair Service

Home repair service is intended to serve the homeowner with the professionalism of an insured company without the big hazed of complicated contracts.

Our well-trained crew takes pride on house repair service like, old acoustical (pop corn) removal, damage drywall replacement and mold remediation.

It is easy to set up a job visit to evaluate and prepare a repair estimate, just fill-in the form or call the office. 


Metal Stud Framing

In the history of construction industry, steel stud framing is a relatively young trade, but rapidly, it has been taking over a large amount of uses. Thanks to the versatile variety of applications, from the most basic straight wall to the most intricate architectural design it is a great advantage to have this lightweight building system.



The drywall installation trade has been unfairly catalogued as the “simplest” trade during the building process. In other words, a huge number of builders don’t give drywall the same importance as the other trades like, electricity, pluming, etc. at J-Jr Drywall Corporation, we refuse to let this happen and we do it by always been in contact with the architect, designer or General Contractor covering every aspect of the process in order to deliver a prime finish product.